Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

OK, let's talk a little football this morning.

ACU is now ranked #2 in NCAA II.  They beat Tarleton State, who was also ranked, on Saturday at their homecoming 37-17.  They have three players that are projected to make it to the NFL.  They have a running back that must be incredible!  I really did not think I would ever see ACU return to prominence in football again.

Can you think of a college team that has played a tougher stretch of games than the Texas Longhorns?  Three weeks ago, they beat then-#1 Oklahoma.  The next week, they stomped 4th-ranked Missouri.  Last week, they hung on to beat #7 Oklahoma State.  And this week, they have #7 Texas Tech.

Speaking of that, my opinion of Mack Brown has really changed.  When he 1st came to Texas, he had the reputation of not being able to win the big game.  But did you know that his record speaks differently?  Against top 10 teams, he is something like 26-5!  And Bob Stoops, who was early-on hailed as the guy who could win the big ones?  Well, again -- the record speaks for itself.

Best coach in the country?  I don't know.  But I bet Texas is glad to have him.  They have increased the size of their stadium, and could probably fill it if they doubled the capacity.  

I heard some "experts" talking the other night about who they think the best coach in college football is.  While they put Brown up close to the top, they said they think Mike Leach of Texas Tech and Tom(?) Mangino of Kansas are the best.  Their reason:  Because of their remote locations, they only get category 2 and 3 recruits, and yet have winning programs year after year. 

For most of my life, I watched every play of every Cowboy game.  I have seen two games this year.  Yesterday I went home after lunch to watch the game.  I was asleep in a few minutes.  Talk about boring!

So Wade and Jerry are celebrating like they won a playoff game.  Wade even got the game ball (why?)  Suddenly the wiz kid Jason Garrett doesn't look so great.  I know, Romo is out.  But they weren't lighting it up his last couple of games.  Their best offense yesterday was the Bucs defensive penalties.  Without the four in one drive before the half, the Cowboys are hung with another loss.

I still say this team is WAY overhyped.  13 Pro Bowlers?  Right.  Give me Whitten and Ware.

In response to Donny, who replied on Friday's blog:  I thought Tina Fey was hilarious!  I was cracking up.  Will Farrell's George Bush was funny, but not nearly as funny as Fey.     


Jeff said...

C'mon Rick. The Cowboys are almost back to Super Bowl form.

How 'bout them Longhorns? It sounded like the game was great watching on Saturday. I caught snippets on the radio and was holding my breath during the last minute of the game.

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...


As a huge Aggie fan, it does pain me to see Texas having this much success. I'll be pulling for the Red Raiders this weekend (my parents still live out near Lubbock so I'm obligated anyway!) but I will admit that they are an amazing team. I really thought they would tank after Vince left. I thought Vince=National Championship. Any maybe it still does but Colt is something else. I love the faith of Colt and Jordan P as well. I'm trying to get them on one of our interviews so we'll see. I'm still sticking with the Aggies and Cowboys because I always have. Haven't ever fallen asleep in a Cowboy game so I'm going to either question your patriotism to the Star or your age one of the two! HA Hang in there - once Romo gets back, it's a whole new team. Just pray Witten's injury doesn't keep him out. Oh, and I liked the skit from last week of Bush,McCain,and Palin. Even if someone is a supporter, they'd have to admit that skit was dead on.

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

One last thing, several weeks ago I came across a blog post someone did that ranked the jersey #'s 1-99 of the NFL players... was that you? I meant to bookmark it but I failed to do so but I can't find it. Anyone know? It had photos of each player from 1-99... cool stuff. But I have some thoughts I wanted to share.

Rick Ross said...

I think Allan Stanglin from the Legacy Church of Christ did that last year. He is a huge sports fan. I used to be, but am not any more. Perhaps it is the age.

Rick Ross said...

Oh, and my "patriotism" to the Cowboys took a HUGE hit when Jerry bought them. Mr. Owner-GM, so critical of the previous owner-GM-coach (Stramm and Landry) now owns the longest mediocrity stretch in Cowboy history.

Again, perhaps my age showing.