Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Month From Now

One month from today, America will have a new president-elect. I know he wouldn't admit it, but I bet George W. is counting down the days.

Also, one month from today (Lord willing), Beverly and I will be in Israel. We leave on Monday, November 3rd. And I will admit it: I am counting down the days.

Crude oil prices are now down below $90 a barrel again. I believe that is probably what the true market value is right now. Last time it was running at that amount, the price at the pump was below $3 a gallon. But we consumers are so gullible, we are just thankful it's not $4 anymore. Let's see what kind of obscene record profit the oil companies post this next quarter.


Anonymous said...

You made me smile. I have long said that no one will be happier when the election is over than GWB.

Israel. I would LOVE to go there. If God can be jealous, I guess I can to (Okay - I know it's out of context. No rebukes necessary).

Jeff said...

Don't pick any fights with Hezzbolah.

You are right about fuel prices. I'm just thankful it's under $4 when it should be quite a bit lower but I'm not ready to break out my bicycle so I'll keep paying what they are charging.

Josh Ross said...

I think that Obama and McCain should have a wrestling match tonight. Maybe a game of chess. Or NCAA College Football 2009. Or putt-putt.
Winner takes office!

Anonymous said...

Hey it looks like we're going to get a mud wrestling contest between the two candidates.

KAW said...

Tues. afternoon @ Walmart in Denton:
regualr unleaded $2.969/gal.(w/ Walmart gift card). The stuff is getting down right cheap, huh!