Friday, August 24, 2007

A Word on Michael Vick

Last night Beverly hosted a party for a group of women with whom she has been studying each week. So I came straggling in about 8 PM -- trying not to disturb them. The food was still out, and so I begin to graze. It was SO good!

She came up with a drink recipe that is delicious. I don't know if you have ever had an "Arnold Palmer," but it is half tea and half lemonade. She adds some other stuff. And it is really good.

What is your favorite summertime thirst quincher?

I listened to a few minutes of sports talk on ESPN yesterday. They were talking about how vilified Michael Vick has been. Michael Wilbon attributed it to racism. He said if Troy Aikman or Brett Favre had done the same thing, we would not have had such a negative reaction.

I wasn't sure I agreed until he brought up this example: John Daly. He said that here is a man who stands on a green having DTs, comes to a golf tournament with marks on his face, has gambling problems and drinking problems -- and is considered a cult hero. He said a black athlete would never receive such treatment. And I had to agree. However, I -- unlike many I guess -- do not find John Daly to be cool, cute or just a "good-ole boy." I think he is deserving of punishment or banning from the PGA. So I guess I would be equally opposed to both Vick and Daly.

Both these men should be punished for their misdeeds just like any blue collar worker would be if he or she engaged in similar misdeeds. The ability to run with a football or hit a golf ball should not bring with it immunity from decency, morality or obedience to the law.


jross said...

My son and I have been drinking Arnold Palmer's like their going out of style! I was introduced to them about a year ago. They're great!

The buzz I've heard about Vick is that it's no different than deer hunting. What an ABSURD argument!

Did Wilbon mention Pete Rose? The NBA official? If I remember correctly, Michael Jordan did some gambling and never received punishment.

I guess I'm saying that I don't agree it's a racist issue. I completely agree with your final analysis.

jross again said...

grammar correction: "like they're going out of style"

Jeff said...

Mixed drinks at the Ross house? Wow.

I've had Arnold Palmer's in Salado and they were pretty good. I don't know that it's something I would drink all the time.

The Vick saga is so messed up. In no way do I condone what he was doing with the dogs but it seems like it's getting more play than other NFL'ers who were involved in murders in some way. I've tuned it out to a large degree because it's being sensationalized only because he's a celebrity. It's tragic in many ways.