Monday, August 20, 2007

People are Funny

While I was on vacation, I decided to grow a beard. Beverly has always liked me with a beard. In fact, when we first started dating I had one. A few months later, I had to shave it off for Sing Song, and I thought she might break up with me.

I grew one again a few years ago. One morning, I went to trim it and forgot to put the height selector on the razor. I cut a highway right down the middle of my beard. So, I shaved it off. Beverly told me she thought I would never have one again.

But I do. And I like it. And she likes it (that's really most important).

Here's what I find humorous. A few people have come up to me and said, "I don't like your beard." Or they tell Beverly. It does not bother us, because as I said, I want to make my woman happy. But I just got to thinking: I can't imagine going up to someone and saying, "I don't like your hair." Or, "That dress sure looks bad on you." Or "I don't like the way you wear your make-up."

People are funny. I'm just glad that I have my act totally together:)


jross said...

I've always liked your beard. Are you gonna grow your afro back too?

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

That's so funny. Sami Pollard and I were talking about stuff like that, and she told Kristin Tribe that she needs to write an article with "Comeback Comments" for that type of situation. We always think of those good comebacks after the fact, but we need to have one available when needed. We have a friend at church that had her kids at Wal-Mart (and they weren't cooperating). A woman (who apparently had perfect children) said to her "I guess your daughter really doesn't want to be here". Our friend quickly replied "Well, I waited all morning at the house until she was ready to go to the store and it never happened, so I just decided to go anyway". She wasn't rude, she didn't mean to offend the other lady, but sometimes you just have to say those things! I guess other people just don't realize that we have to do what WE have to do - we can't please everyone else! For what it's worth, I like the facial hair on you too! Melissa

Jeff said...

I don't have a problem with the beard but I have been concerned about how you wear your makeup.

As for the afro, I'll give that a thumbs up.

Rick Ross said...


I couldn't grow an afro today if I wanted to. You have to have hair to accomplish that. What used to be thick, curly hair has turned into thin and random.

Anonymous said...

Beard is not problem - it's not like you played golf or something.