Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heading to East Texas

This afternoon, Beverly and I are traveling to Crockett where I will speak tonight. We will return home late this evening.

Crockett was my 1st full-time work. We moved our family from Texas City to begin working with the church in Crockett in June of 1988. At that time, it was a church of about 80-90. And they were kind enough to give me the opportunity to enter into ministry. We quickly grew, and experienced some wonderful times in our five years there. The people were so encouraging and supportive. They endured many lessons from a green preacher -- lessons that I can't believe I ever preached. But they loved me in spite of that.

It's really special when we get to go back. There is a feeling of home in Crockett. Lifelong friends. Good memories of raising our kids there.

So while it will only be for a couple of hours, Beverly and I will make the most of it tonight.


Anonymous said...

And of course that is where you met us! Can you believe we have known you for almost 18 years! Taylor is almost 18 and we got pregnant with him in Crockett. Time flies! I agree with you...even though we may go to Crockett just a few times a year, it does always feel like home.

I just remembered something, we got our Chicken Spaghetti recipe from Beverly while we lived in Crockett. Now my 12 year old chef is making it!

Karise Cheatham

jross said...

Tell everyone "hello" from Dianne and me. We have wonderful memories of Crockett. If it weren't for that Christian family, I would probably not be in ministry.

Anonymous said...

Rick, you mentioned being a green preacher and it made me think of a friend of mine who used to preach who said one of his first sermons was called "God hates haters". If it it ever came up he would just groan and and thank God that he had moved past that stage.

-Jody A.

Beverly Ross said...

I can't wait to see our 'buddies'! Sweet memories! Karise, so delighted our paths crossed in Crockett, Texas!!!! We had a blast laughing over dinner more than once! And, John, we loved sharing life with you and your family! What a blessing!

Jeff said...

Have a safe trip.

It's good to go back "home" and rekindle memories. I enjoy driving by some of the places I have lived and remembering laughs and good times I had.