Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jesus and Legion

I loved our visiting preacher's lesson last night. He preached from the story of Jesus and Legion (the man with many demons). A couple of things that stood out to me: When the Creator speaks, His creation MUST act. Even the demons, when told by Jesus to leave the man, had no choice. Their only option was to negotiate where they would go. Yet, God loves us so much that when He speaks, He leaves us with a choice.

Also, I wonder how many Legions I have walked around and avoided in my life. Jesus did not avoid him. He had compassion for him. If I had been living in that vicinity in that day and time, I doubt the crazy, naked guy who lived among the tombs would have been at the top of my "prospects" list. Yet, Jesus empowered that "crazy man" to become a missionary of the gospel. Incredible. I want the Jesus perspective!


Jeff said...

It was a great message last night and remains a great message today.

I often wish that God would speak to my demons and make them leave me. Too often, I have made the wrong response. Even so, I am thankful beyond words for the love of God and the grace of God.

Jonathan said...

who spoke?

Rick Ross said...

Tim Pyles, from McDermett Road in Plano

Anonymous said...

God has given us his spirit just so we can say depart to our demons.