Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nothing Comes Easy

Now that summer has set in, my inlaws have discovered that the afternoon heat beats the back of their house for hours -- making it impossible to keep their den cool. So yesterday, Jacob (my ministry buddy) and I took on the job of putting a roof on their patio arbor. I thought it would take a few hours. However, once we got into the job, we hit a couple of snags. I think that is a law of nature: Any time you take on a project, there must be at least two snags.

Anyway, we worked until after 6 last night. By the way, it was the hottest day of the year (are you crying yet?) But now we are on a roll. We think we can finish in an hour or so this morning.


Beverly Ross said...

Thank you so much for helping Mom and Dad out! What a servant heart! You are a doll!!!!!

jross said...

Beverly - I'm a little disappointed. You should have called him a "dolly wolly".

Brother ..... watch that heat!

Jeff said...

A doll. That conjures up all sorts of funny thoughts. Let's play virtual dress up with the Rick-doll. I think it would be only natural to have him preaching in a pair of Payne Stewart knickers.