Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good Start to August

Well, it is the morning of August 2nd, and we have already had more than the average rainfall for the month. 3-1/2 inches yesterday! That would be a good summer in some years.

Our home computer crashed yesterday. So, I guess I'll have to order another one today. I don't have a whole lot that I want it to do -- other than handle Beverly's picture program and play my Tiger Woods' Golf Game.


Tomorrow we will leave for vacation. I don't know if I will blog while I am gone or not.


Jonathan said...

isn't this the 2nd crash for your home computer. stop buying from the pawn shop.

Rick Ross said...

Actually it is the 3rd -- but it is the same computer.

jross said...

Can you say "Apple". I don't have one yet, but I'm a wanna-be convert.

Have a great time on your vacation. I vote that you keep on blogging.

Rick Ross said...

I have a Mac at the office. But I would have to spend several hundred more dollars for software if I got a Mac for home. So, the "Ross" in me said, "Go the cheaper route."

Rick Ross said...

I have a Mac at the office and like it. However, I would have to buy several hundred dollars worth of software if I got one for the house. So, the "Ross" in me said, "Go with another PC."