Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Time for Sleep

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh, sorry, I was just wak -i -n-g ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

I know and confess: I am a wimp when it comes to sleep. And not getting to bed until between 1:30 and 2 AM registers on my wimp meter.

But it was great to be in Crockett for a few hours last night. Beverly and I got there early and drove around -- being reminded of good memories there. Plus, we ate an early supper at Sam's Cafe in Fairfield. If you ever want good homestyle cooking -- off an all you can eat buffet -- it's the place to go. It's on the east side of I-45 in Fairfield (not to be confused with Sammy's, which is on the west side at the same exit).

Today is one of the most important days in Beverly's and my life. Tonight is her annual fundraiser for her nonprofit Wise County Christian Counseling. Before, she has always been connected with another agency, but now she is on her own. She has received generous support from a number of people, but there is still a significant shortfall that she needs to cover tonight.

I have no doubt that the Lord will provide what is needed. For one, the people of Wise County have been so extremely generous and encouraging about the Counseling Center. For another, I think that the Lord has shown His endorsement of the ministry through the way so many families have come for help. Beverly's schedule is overflowing.

I love the way my wife is so passionate about the things she does. When she was a school teacher, she was the best -- winning her school districts awards for excellence. And now she is at the top of her field in counseling. She brings the Lord into all that she does (her greatest passion). Needless to say, life with her is an exciting adventure.

Please pray for tonight's fundraiser.


Tonia said...

I will be praying for tonight to be a huge success!
May God be glorified tonight!

Beverly Ross said...

Thank you for mentioning my big night! I am so excited and just want the Lord to get the glory! May He be big in the place tonight!

Jeff said...

I look forward to tonight and the great things that are happening through this ministry.