Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What a Headache!

Yesterday, I woke up with a headache. I know that if I feel a headache coming on, I need to take something. If I don't, it sometimes turns into a migraine. But yesterday morning, I didn't.

Well, a few of hours went by. I went home to eat lunch, and a migraine was setting in. I was about to call the office and say I would not be in for a while when something wierd happened. The day before, we had put some greenery above the cabinets. As I went to open the cabinet door, it snagged on the greenery. So, I thought, "I need to climb up there and fix that so that it doesn't snag again."

As I pulled myself up, my head hit the corner of the cabinet. Whenever I hit my head, I always say, "Ooh, that felt good." (Some people cuss. I just get sarcastic with myself.) I felt my head. There was a definite indention (nothing up there to stop it). Then, I felt a small gash. Then, the bleeding started. Of course, a head wound bleeds forever. So, about 30 minutes later, it finally stopped.

But here is the kicker: My migraine was gone! Go figure.

I know you are waiting for some theological application. I could do that, but it would probably be pretty cheesy. I just thought that it was wierd.

I am open to any application you might want to make. However, I doubt that the next time I get a migraine, I will resort to running my head into the corner of a cabinet. Well, maybe -- depending on how bad it gets.


Jeff said...

Rick, always know that I am here for you. Whether you need to be hit with a 2x4 or a hammer, I'll help you with your headaches.

In all seriousness, I hope you are OK and find a simpler way to cure the headaches in the future.

I'm looking forward to class tonight and seeing Beverly and, of course, Casa Torres.

jenny biz said...

I'm sorry, Dad! I will post something worthwhile later...when I can stop laughing:)

Carmen said...

Ok, I may have to try that. I have migraines too, Rick. I just cannot joke or be funny about this knowing the stress and pain migraines bring me. I think stress could be a key word here. I believe many migraines are stress related. Each time I get one, I get so tense and uptight, thus causing my migraine to intensify. Perhaps the "bonk" on the noggin shifted your stress to something else and took it off the migraine??????? Who knows. I'm just glad the migraine left you. As a fellow migraine sufferer, I would much rather have a cut on my head and possibly a knot than the migraine:)

Beverly Ross said...

Tonight after church would you show me how it happened? From now on, please save those moments for when I can witness. I think I need to be here to ease your pain and bring you an ice pack. It is my gift!

Joel Quile said...

Christ is the HEAD of the church. By His wounds we are healed.
Without the shedding of blood there is no healing...

Easy: Bloody Head Wounds Heal!

Rick Ross said...


If you had been there, you would still be laughing. But thanks for the thought.


Good applications. I might make a sermon out of this yet!

Dennis said...

Rick, Hitting yourself with a cabinet door may cure headaches, but I just have to go to my favorite cure-all for everything. A good ole foot long cheese coney with Jalapenos from Sonic. You may laugh, but I have proven that it works for just about everything. My copay for a Doctor visit is $20, a coney from Sonic is 2.99(I think the Jalapenos is an extra .50 but I think they are the secret ingredient)....What a deal.