Thursday, November 10, 2005

Enough Already!

Yes, I have reached the threshold. Six nights. That's my limit. I was doing OK until last night. But now, I revert to a whiny baby. "I want my Beverly back!"

I have heard from her several times through email and phone calls. Not much detail of the trip. She said she would tell me about that later. But she said she has 50 new "best friends" (I bet in our 29 years of marriage, she has had at least 250 best friends). How can you have 50 "best" friends at one time? Wouldn't all but one of them be "better" friends? But Beverly breaks all the rules, and that's one of the reasons I love her so much.

She did tell me that one of the missionaries' husbands (a local) had fought in the war in Croatia ( I think) for years. Many of them live in such difficulty over there. I think it is Croatia that has a 70% unemployment rate! Imagine that! We are so blessed

That reminds me: I heard a preacher on the radio last night relating an interview with someone from India. The person was asked his impression of Americans. He said, "You Americans are blessed with so much! And yet you seem so unhappy." Ouch.

Speaking of that reminds me: Thanksgiving is only two weeks from today! Stand back! I'm ready.

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Jeff said...

I hope Beverly returns to find you still sane and dressed appropriately. Do you have any brownies left?