Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's a Good Sign

It's a step in the right direction! I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't rejoice in someone being punished. But enough is enough.

I'm talking about the Terrell Owens incident. By the way, is his 1st name pronounced "Tare-el" with the emphasis on the "el"? Or is it "Terrell" like the city in Texas? I've heard it both ways. But this guy has taken "jerk" to a new level. Cowboy fans will remember him as the guy who -- after catching a pass for a touchdown (whoop-de-do), he strutted around on the Cowboy star at Texas Stadium. He's also the guy who pulled a pen out of his sock to sign a ball after catching a TD in another game (wow!).

Take me back to the "old days." (Oh, my goodness. I'm sounding like my grandparents now) The days when -- in the 1st quarter of a game, a guy makes a tackle on 2nd and 8 and gets up -- pulls the runner up -- and goes back to the huddle. No strutting 10 yards downfield, flexing his muscles and contorting his body. Over one little meaningless tackle! Take me back to the days when a receiver scored a touchdown, high-fived his teammates, handed the ball to the referee, and went back to the sidelines.

I know, I'm a purist. And I'm not against celebrating! If a great play is made at a crucial point in a game -- YEAH! But over making a 1st down in the 1st half when the score is 7-7? Give me a break! It smacks of professional wrestling!

With the way Philly dealt with Owens, maybe there is hope for us purists yet. I bet there are people who disagree with me (like my sons, probably). Let's hear from you.


Cassey said...

I do not know much about sports and alomst nothing about football . I am not allowed to watch it with my papa because I ask to many questions . and I have never been to any kind of football game .. not even when I was in highschool . But I do not belive that he should be gloating and acting like he did a really big thing if he didn't . I could understand him being excited if it was in the last second of the game or somthing . but if he is doing it just to show off then that is uncalled for .

Patsy said...

Please do not speak of professional wrestling in the pulpit. My son and grandson believes that it is real. Before my grandson was born, my son purchased 4 tickets to the world finals of wrestling in Dallas. He had a hard time getting someone to go with him. My daughter-in-law was embarrassed to go. So my husband and I went with them. My daughter-in-law looked around and stated,
"We're not like these people" We were the only ones with all our teeth and no tattoos.

Rick Ross said...


That's funny! But it might be best for them to know the truth. Then they can get on with their lives!:)

Josh Ross said...

This is coming from the guy that sinks a 20 foot par putt, takes his shirt off, and runs around the green making the General Lee noise from "The Dukes of Hazard."

This coming from the guy that hits a 300 yard drive, pulls out his sharpie market from his golf head, and signs the 100-yard marker.

This coming from the guy that plays monoply and boasts over getting all 4 railroads and the utilities.

I'm ashamed dad. I'm ashamed.

Jeff said...

Poor Terrell. I saw him apologizing today and felt so sorry for him. NOT! I'm glad the Eagles sent him packing and am only sorry that some other team will pick him up as soon as they can.

Rick Ross said...

JOSH!!!!! You must be studying too hard! I do wish I had thought to do those things you credited me with. (Well, maybe not taking my shirt off.)