Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hurricane Season is Over!

That's right. I heard it on the news this morning. Today is officially the final day of hurricane season, 2005. It has been a wild year. 26 named storms! One is still stirring in the Atlantic, but is not expected to make landfall. But the effects of Katrina, followed closely by Rita, will shape lives and cities for years to come. While many restaurants and hotels in New Orleans have reopened for business, I read that it will be at least a year for some of the prominent ones. Of course, many will never reopen.

Then, I saw a report yesterday morning on Good Morning America featuring Venice, Italy. The report said that Venice is sinking. It was interesting for me to learn that it was originally built in marshes. They sunk wooden pillars, and then filled in around those pillars. Those wooden pillars are many centuries old. While the main plaza used to flood a half dozen times a year, this report said that now it floods up to 100 times a year. I think they were being overly dramatic, but they said that Venice may be destined to be the next Atlantis.

I don't know why I am telling you all of this. It does seem as if our world is changing in many, many ways. Some for the good. Others not so good. But thank God this is not home! Life is good and I enjoy it so much. But it's made more enjoyable knowing that the best this world has to offer is just a preview of coming attractions.

Now that we are through hurricane season, I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of snowfalls. Nothing makes the world seem more beautiful to me (especially familiar surroundings) than when it snows. Would it be ridiculous to wish for a white Christmas -- or do we only sing about it? I've only had one in my life -- in Jackson, Mississippi of all places. What about you?


Jeff said...

You can probably buy the fake snow at Wal-Mart. I've often thought it would be cool to have Christmas in Colorado or some snowy region but it's not bad being able to go out and throw the football or ride new bikes are whatever Santa brings.

Beverly Ross said...

I've never had a white Christmas! I guess I could be sad but...I'm a beach kind-of-girl all year long! I would love to go to Cabo to open gifts!

Cassey said...

I have never had a white christmas . I have had a few white Valentine's day though. That was very much fun . It would be nice to have a white Christmas , but I do not like the Idea of waking up in any other place besides my house on christmas .