Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Nearly two weeks ago in my blog, I mentioned that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Well, it's nearly here. I can already taste the turkey and dressing and pecan pie.

This year Beverly and I are going to spend the holiday with her parents. Jenny and David and Malaya will be there, too. Beverly's mom is one of the best cooks ever. So, I can't wait.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. I could not have written the script myself and had it work out any better than it did with events in my life over the last year. I never could have dreamed of a church in which I felt more affirmed than I do in Decatur. And the way that the house situation worked out. And new friends who already feel like old friends. And still being close enough for Beverly to keep a job she absolutely loves. And my granddaughter is only 20 minutes away (as well as her parents). And another grandchild on the way! And three wonderful kids and their homerun spouses And a wife who is my best fan, best friend, and my hero. And an incredible God who has proven to me once again that He is faithful in all things. THANK YOU, FATHER!!

So, on to another related topic: What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal (Dennis, foot-long chili dogs don't work here). It would be hard for me to choose. Obviously, turkey and dressing. I'm not a pumpkin pie guy. But I have to have pecan pie. My favorite pie of all is coconut cream -- but that's not very Thanksgiving.

I will tell you this: For those of you who are at the Decatur Church on Sunday -- you will be seeing more of me (get it? MORE of me?).


Cassey said...

Most definatly Dressing and Cranberry sauce .. Maybe just the cranberry sauce ..

Marcy said...

Pecan pie is wonderful, but my favorite things are the homemade dinner rolls!

Have a great Thanksgiving.

John said...

Bring on the Cowboys! Being in Florida I don't get to see all their games.

By the way - I'll take your share of the pumpkin pie.

Dennis said...

My favorite thing is Sonia's dressing. She makes the best in the world. And on another note my friend, after we have all stuffed in all the rich food that we can possibly hold and everyone is stuffed to the brim and it is late in the evening, I have to have something different to eat...Guess what it is?(You got it, a good ole' foot long cheese coney with Jalapenos...hits the spot every time)

Jeff said...

We won't mind seeing more of you. Just make sure you are zipped up and your shoes match.

I love the dressing and gravy. Wes' fried turkeys are the best and the desserts are all good. I just view it as one big ball of food.

Beverly Ross said...

I'm a dressing girl! I LOVE my mom's dressing! and I LOVE eating it with people I love so much!