Monday, November 14, 2005

Miscellaneous Musings

Friday and Saturday I was blessed by getting to see my boys play in a regional flag football tournament at UT Dallas. It is an all-star group representing ACU. That is so much fun! They made it to the quarterfinal game. Jonathan is a great defensive player -- dogging the quarterback like a cutting horse after a calf. He also plays offense. Josh plays quarterback, and was selected to the all-regional team. They are considering playing in the nationals which will be held this year in Pensacola, Florida. So, Beverly and I may be making a trip there after Christmas.

Last night, I picked up my precious sweetie from the airport. She was exhausted! But she had such a wonderful trip. Today she and my daughter are working like trojans in the kitchen -- getting things in order.

I am writing this on Monday afternoon. I often take Mondays off, and that is the case today. But I will not be able to blog on Tuesday morning, since I will be going to the dentist. He thinks I may have a cracked molar. Oh, boy.

Actually, I think going to the dentist is pretty cool. Few people know that when I was a young teenager -- when others are thinking of being firemen, policemen or rock stars -- I wanted to be a dentist. Actually, that was my goal until about my junior year in high school, when I discovered that I couldn't cut it in chemistry and was weak in the sciences.

Things are really shaping up at the Ross home! Those of you who live close by -- come on by! (Actually, you can come on by even if you don't live close).


jenny biz said...

I was really looking forward to seeing the boys play! Oh well!! Such is being a parent and having sudden sicknesses!
Hope things go well at the dentist! Glad you decided not to be a dentist, God is using you much more powerfully in ministry! Thanks for the fun day and the out to eats!

John Ross said...

Coming to Florida? Do I see a visit in the not too far off distance?

Josh Ross said...

You are cutting us short one game dad. We made it to the semi-finals. Come on now. There goes one of your Christmas presents.

Rick Ross said...

Sorry, Josh. I knew you were in the semis. I don't know why I put that.

John, It will be up to the boys as to if they play or not in the nationals. But Pensacola is a long way from you, isn't it?

Jenny, We couldn't have made this move as smoothly as we did without you and David. Thanks so much!