Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dryer Problems

I don't know if this is true for you or not, but every time we move -- some appliance ends up not working right. Last move, it was our washing machine. This time, it's our dryer. The heating element. Oh, it works sometimes. But more often than not, it just blows cold air. It takes a load of towels three cycles to get dry. But then, it will surprise us and decide to run hot again. In a word, it is undependable -- which makes it aggrevating.

I think I tend to be that way some times. I get hot for a while. People begin putting their trust in me. Mr. Dependable. Then, just about the time they assume I'll follow through on something -- I'm blowing cold. Can you relate?

Well, with our dryer, I can always replace it with a new model. As for me, I pray that the Lord will just update my program and replace my heating element so that I'm "on fire" for Him.


Cassey said...

Oh I can totally relate .

Beverly Ross said...

Does this mean you dried the towels!! I think I'll call you Mr. D. I love you and I LOVE shopping with you - guess we better go lookin for a dryer!

Patsy said...

Does this mean you don't have a clothes line outside in the fresh air and sunshine?