Friday, November 18, 2005

A Lesson From Tiger Woods

I don't know how you spend leisure time in the evenings. I go through different stages. I like to watch a movie occasionally. TV just doesn't hold my interest. I told Beverly yesterday that we ought to get rid of DISH, since we probably average 30 minutes of TV time a day. I enjoy reading, if I have a good book.

For my birthday last month, Beverly got me Tiger Woods' 2006. It's a computer golf game. She has gotten it for me every year for the last 4. When I first get it, I become pretty obsessed -- as you progress from beginner to winning your tour card. After that, it becomes an occasional game here and there.

So, right now -- I'm in the obsessed stage. I'm almost to the tournament where you play 6 rounds to get your Tour card. Last night, I decided to try to make some swing adjustments, because with my mouse I tended to hit a big-time slice on occasion (at least on the advanced level of play). The adjustments I made straightened out the ball flight, but they were so uncomfortable. I mean, they seemed unnatural -- awkward. Several times, I was tempted to just give up and go back to the old way.

Then I got to thinking. Right now, I am preaching through the Sermon on the Mount -- where Jesus is describing to His kingdom subjects what life in this upside-down Kingdom should look like. And it just doesn't feel right. It's awkward. Unnatural. Uncomfortable. But like swing changes, if we keep on practicing what He says -- we will see that the results are worth the effort. And best of all, we will look more like our King.


Carmen said...

Now that is my kind of Preacher. One that can tie the Sermon on the Mount to Tiger Woods and Golf. I have to say that is a very good way to look at our walk as a Christian. In my golfing experience I can go out one day and hit the ball flawlessly (well almost) and then the next day go out and struggle big-time with my swing. Such is being a Christian to me. Some days I seem to be on top of the world and then I turn around the next day and seem to struggle. Nice thought Rick and thanks for sharing it with us.


Beverly Ross said...

I love your application here! How creative is that! I want desperately to 'step in' to Jesus more than ever - even if, maybe especially when, it is uncomfortable. Thank you for reminding me!

randy said...

The goal is to get to the point where being like our King is the most natural and comfortable part of our being.