Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Special Gift

Today is my son-in-law, David's, birthday. From the time my daughter was born in 1978, Beverly and I prayed for a godly man to enter her life and that they together could encourage each other on the road to heaven. Once again, our incredible God has not disappointed me. David is a man with such a servant heart! And he knows so much about computers and electronics. It has come in handy for me on many occasions.

I could not have ordered a better daddy for my granddaughter. He always has time for his daughter. I love to watch them interact! Malaya absolutely adores him.

I still remember the day he asked me for Jenny's hand in marriage. I made one request of him -- that he protect her heart. He has done that and more. It is obvious how much he loves her. And it is equally obvious that she adores him!

I would love to tell some funny stories -- like when we went on vacation the summer before they got married. We went to San Antonio. We hadn't even gotten in the room before we had to call maintenance to unplug the toilet. That's my David!

Happy birthday, David! You are such a blessing to the Ross family!


jenny biz said...

Thanks, Dad!That trip had lots of funny memories!

Beverly Ross said...

Wow! We are so blessed to claim David Bizaillion as one of 'us'! He is amazing and so full of wisdom! Wisdom that is fresh! And such a servant heart! We love you, David!

David said...

Thanks for the kind and not so kind words.

The challenge of protecting Jenny's heart continues to be on my mind. It was the most incredible calls I have given. Many times I know I fail that task. Especially after watching a good movie like Pulp Fiction or Michael. Thanks for challenging me to be the best husband and father I can be. I look up to you and your example of a father and husband.

When I found out Jenny's dad was a minister, I thought great! I figured you wouldn't be real. I was shocked to see a minister with integrity, passion for christ, and a sincere heart for God and others. Thanks for being real...a real man of God. I often look to you when I want to know what it like to be a Godly father.

By the way that was not the last time I would stop up a toliet. The Ross did not know what they were getting themselves into...literally.