Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Servant Opportunities

My son asked me to report on my day of service yesterday.  The catfish was cut up into more like nuggets -- which I really like.  That way there is more batter.  So I don't know how many pieces I ate.  Of course, that was after the slavelike conditions of battering the catfish on a beautiful Wednesday -- temperature in the 60s with deep blue skies.  I think it would be easier to round off to the nearest pound how much I ate.

Another ministry day is on tap for tomorrow.  A friend from church called me last night and asked if I would like tickets to the Colonial.  So Beverly and I will go there tomorrow for a day of tough ministry at the golf course.  Conditions will be brutal.  Deep blue skies with temperatures creeping up into the lower 80s.  Whew.  I just need to keep singing to myself, "Make me a servant . . ."

This year the Colonial has drawn something like 95 of the top 100 golfers in the world.  Unfortunately, both numbers 1 and 2 are absent.  We will probably follow a group that includes Kenny Perry and Vijay Singh for a while, and then just find a place to sit and watch.  

"Make me a servant . . ."



Jeff said...

Maybe the Colonial is God's way of helping you walk off all the fried fish you ate.

I don't see how anyone can enjoy a day walking around a golf course when they could be in their office working away.

Beverly Ross said...

I LOVE serving with you! It is a blast being so humble!