Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hail, Sports and Catfish

The happiest people in Wise County on this Wednesday morning?  Roofers.

We had a hail storm last night.  About golf ball size.  I just put on a new roof last year, so I'm not eager to have it checked again.

So the Cleveland Cavaliers had been branded by many as the best team in the NBA.  Apparently Orlando didn't get the memo.  Wow, Dwight Howard is incredible!  

The Texas Rangers are playing the Evil Empire at home right now.  They were given an old-fashioned whuppin' on Monday, but managed to win last night.  Hopefully they can pull out the rubber game tonight.

I'm going out to the Long's this morning for the Ladies' Bible Class catfish fry.  Call it a "preacher perk" -- getting invited to their luncheon.  But I must say in all humility:  I go as a servant.  I actually help batter the fish and put it in the oil to fry.  

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a servant heart:) 


Josh Ross said...

It is hard life, huh?
Let us know tomorrow how many pieces you eat

Jeff said...

I figure the real serving part will come as a quality control inspector - doing lot's of tasting.

How 'bout them Rangers?! I stuck it out until 11:45 last night but had to come home. Sleeping and driving don't mix.

randy said...

I have a servant apetite. Does that count?