Friday, May 15, 2009

Dallas Sports and American Jihad

The Mavs are done for another year.  This team does not face a bright future right now.  I love Dirk, but I don't know that he is a centerpiece to build a team around.  Great shooter.  Great series against the Nuggets.  But something about the chemistry seems lacking.

This team needs to get some of the "thugs" from the Nuggets or somewhere.

This is not a good time to be a Dallas area sports fan, in my opinion.  The Cowboys haven't come close to living up to the billing of their snake-oil owner.  The Mavs will have to be rebuilding.  The Stars?  Oh, yeah.  There is a sport called hockey.

Surprisingly, the Rangers are looking good.  And it is because of pitching!  When have good pitching and Rangers ever been used in the same sentence?    

I have been receiving a number of emails and have read articles about the coming American jihad.  The information cites an Islamic extremist manifesto that targets the world to be under Moslem rule in 100 years.  The plan is to be done covertly -- taking advantage of America's protection of freedom of religion and tolerance of multiculturalism.  According to the reports, our government has known this manifesto existed for some time.

I never know any more what to chalk up as alarmist sensationalism and a real threat.  The media's penchant for chasing a story has diminished my trust (see "Swine Flu").  

I do believe that if Islam continues to grow in this country, much of that is due to a void that America's "playing at Christianity" has left.  And I DO NOT believe that such a conflict is going to be won through military means or legislation.  It MUST BE won by Christians living the Christ life.  And any Christian who does not believe that may as well tell Jesus that He didn't know what He was talking about.  I'm not ready to do that.   


Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

I've got some far out thoughts on the possible jihad but will share them in person because stating it here might lead some people to think I need more time in a rubber room. Let me say this though - since your series on heaven I have spent a lot of time in thought about what it will be like and how the end as we know it will come. Whether it is at the hands of a bunch of fanatical lunatics or an explosion or quietly slipping away, I look forward to heaven much, much more than I am concerned with what the event that will lead me there.

That said, the Rangers pitching has been lights out. Harrison has 2 complete games and they are winning close games, not offensive blowouts. That's cool.