Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Sin of Anxiety

Yesterday's "aha" moments with Scot McKnight from his book The Jesus Creed:  

A disciple of Jesus holds aloft the white flag of surrender.  The white flag is actually a prayer.  Here's the simple, white-flag payer a disciple carries each day:  "May your will be done."

Surrendering ourselves to love God is not giving up things FOR God so much as giving ourselves TO God. 

The Lord is REALLY using this recession to run my "trust in Him" through the fire.  I am at the age where planning for my golden years is forefront in my thinking.  Well, my 401K is in tatters.  And now, Social Security is headed for bankruptcy years before they had previously predicted.  This is not a good time to be a baby boomer.

Lord, let me TRUST.  Take away my anxiety.  I WANT to know you, Jehovah-Jireh.


Jeff said...

Lord, let me TRUST. I am one who likes to plan what I need to do instead of calling on God to lead me where he wants me. I read something the other day that said we too often follow Christ's principles, not Christ. That certainly spoke to me. While I plan for my retirement, do I stop to allow for what God wants me to be doing for him? I'm not sure I am making a lot of sense but I understand what you are saying.

randy said...

I hear God telling me-
Don't trust your 401K.
Dont' trust social security.
Don't trust your retirement.
Don't trust your job.
and so forth.

Perhaps he's telling me to trust him like I say I do.