Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pick Your Crisis

It is so predicatable.  Every Monday night at 8:55, my wife will say, "I HATE this show."  Of course, I'm talking about "24" -- which never comes to resolution.  

But really, isn't that more like life than a 30 minute show that has everything settled before the end.  Life is a constant stream of "issues."  Just about the time we get one of them hogtied -- another one comes along.  Sometimes the issues come in clumps -- which REALLY complicates life.  

But God made us amazingly resilient, didn't He?

Right now, Americans have been "clumped."  We have a lot of issues on our plates.  But I am convinced of the truth to the Chinese word for "crisis."  Translated, it means "opportunity."  And certainly, crisis brings opportunity -- especially to those of faith.  

What opportunities we have to BE Jesus!  

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Beverly Ross said...

Amen! To God be the glory that during perceived crisis our feet stand planted firmly on our Rock! May His people shine His light brighter than ever!