Monday, May 04, 2009

Believing is a Relationship

Excerpts from The Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight:

He quotes M. Robert Mulholland, from his book Shaped by the Word, who says "in reading the Bible for knowledge, we can (and often do) miss the mission:  for Abba to love us and for us to love Abba . . . from "information to formation," from learning about love to learning to love." 

"Faith is an ongoing relationship and therefore like a marathon.  Christians are called believers not believeders."

He then quotes Mark Allan Powell (I really like this):

We cannot have a relationship with our christology -- we can have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our soteriology cannot save us from our sins -- our Savior can.
Our ecclesiology does not make us one -- the Lord of the Church does.
Our eschatology will not transform this flawed universe -- Jesus the King of kings and Prince of Peace will do that. 
And, no matter how much we love theology -- it will never love us back. 
Only God in Christ loves us, and that is why believing is a relationship.

Brag time:  My oldest son Josh is keynoting at Pepperdine Lectures this Friday.  If I understood right, he is the youngest keynoter they have ever had.  His wife Kayci is also speaking there.  

Jonathan (youngest son) is also going.  Poor guy is going to be staying in a beach house on Malibu.  Tough assignment.

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Jeff said...

So true. I have often referred to myself as an intellectual Christian in the way I have lived for several years - knowing Christ's teachings but not really knowing Christ. It has been an amazing journey to actually come to know the Lord, to feel his presence and know he is with me. My hope is that everyone finds him in their life quicker and easier than the way I have done it but, if not, that they do reach the point where they find God and begin a real relationship with him. It is incredible beyond my words.