Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Greatest Hits

Over the Memorial Day weekend I spent some time, while in the car and while painting, listening to K-LUV's top 500 songs (voted on by listeners in the Metroplex).  I really enjoy those kind of things.  But I can't say that I agreed with the list.

The Beatles had 43 songs in the top 500.  Their top-rated song was "Twist and Shout" at number 4.  Others with numerous songs on the list were the Rolling Stones, Elton John, the Doobie Brothers, The Beach Boys and The Eagles.

But the top songs?  
1.  "Take it Easy"  The Eagles
2.  "Pretty Woman"  Roy Orbison 
3.  "Old Time Rock and Roll"  Bob Seger   
4.  "Twist and Shout"  The Beatles
5.  "Respect"  Aretha Franklin

As I look over the list of 500 songs, I can say for sure that none of these would make MY top-10.  I even used to perform "Take it Easy", and I like it -- but #1?  And John Lennon's raw vocals on "Twist and Shout" is rock and roll at its best.  But I would hardly consider that to be the Beatles' greatest hit.  

The other three in the top 5?  Come on!

Well, that's my opinion.  And that's what makes these kinds of things so fun.

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Jeff said...

You should have done a better job stuffing the ballot box.

I'm no Beatles fan so I'm not sure they would have had anything in my top 10. I would have had the Steve Miller Band in my top 10 for sure, maybe top 5.

Then again, a lot of those songs were before my time so I'm not the best judge.