Monday, June 01, 2009

Colonial and Classical Music

The Colonial tournament was an exciting one this year.  Once again, Tim Clark finished 2nd.  I was kind of pulling for him because he seems like a good guy with a solid game.  But he has never won on the PGA tour.  Nearly 40 second place finishes!

However, Steve Stricker is one of my favorite guys on tour.  A believer -- who, along with Kenny Perry, is considered by their peers to be the nicest two guys on tour.

Beverly and I had a good time on Friday.

I have made so many changes in my life through the years.  In high school, I was a HUGE rock-n-roll fan.  In the 80s, I became a big country music fan.  In the 90s, I switched to Contemporary Christian music.  

Now, my iTunes is filled with CLASSICAL!  Yes, from Bach to Beethoven to Mozart to Strauss.  Who would have ever believed it?  But it is the most soothing, relaxing music!  It plays all day as I read and study.  GREAT STUFF!   


Jeff said...

My music path has been diverse. I've been to an opera and that was enough for me. I haven't listened to much jazz either but just about everything else has been fair game.

My iPod in the truck right now has CCM and classical - nothing else. In the office I'm either listening to ESPN radio or CCM.

Every now and then I'll still listen to some old favorites but not as often.

Josh Ross said...

I'm writing you out of my will.

randy said...

If you think classical is soothing, you're listening to the wrong classics. Try a little Tchaikovsky, Stravinski, or Dvorak to get a little excitement in your musical life.