Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Are the Spiritual Disciplines SO Hard?

Yesterday I completed moving my office.  The office next to mine became empty, and it is a bit more off the beaten track -- so I grabbed it.  Also (this may mean something to those of you who are over 50), it is closer to the bathroom.  

I have made it my goal with this new office to develop my spiritual disciplines better.  I am working through a 40-day journey in a book entitled A Call to Die, by David Nasser.  It has encouraged me to renew my pursuit of the disciplines.  I think the one I would most like to develop greater is that of meditating on the Word. 

On a more spiritual note, the final 2 hours of "24" was last night, and we haven't gotten to watch it yet.  We are keeping Truitt (our 2 year old grandson), and for some reason his parents don't want him seeing that show.  I personally want to encourage my grandkids to grow up to be like Jack (just kidding).  Anyway, if you have seen it -- don't talk about it to me until after Wednesday.  That is probably the 1st chance we will have to see it.

Also "American Idol" is wrapping up another season tomorrow night.  I get bored with the Tuesday night show, so I just really key in on the last few minutes of the Wednesday night one.  I am rooting for Kris.  Adam gives me the heebie-jeebies.  However, I must confess:  I have never voted for AI.     

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Jeff said...

I look forward to you sharing some more from the book you are reading. I not looking forward to hearing more about your bathroom habits.

24 was over the top last night. When they confirmed Jack as President, it was a pinnacle moment and electing Tony as Secretary of Defense was a little surprising. Of course, Chloe is the new Secretary of State simply because of her ability to talk to people. Those are the only details I'm going to share with you though.

What is it with these overprotective parents nowadays? haha