Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Different Directions

I do not intend to pass judgments in this blog today -- only making observations.  Celebrities are like politicians in that their public opinion polls can change due to circumstances or things they say or do.  I cite two today.

1.  Josh Hamilton, outfielder for the Texas Rangers.  Given up on by two previous Major League teams because of his addiction to crack cocaine.  Playing like a superstar in his 1st full season with the Rangers.  VOTED as an all-star.  A guy who credits the Lord for turning his life around.  A young man who has placed accountability figures into his life to assure that he does not return to his addictive ways.

And he is playing lights out!  He left people awed at last night's home run contest.

Props to Josh Hamilton!

2.  Brett Favre, retired -- wait, not retired quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.  I have loved Brett.  Gutsy.  Overachiever.  But his recent actions leave me wondering if he should be sports "average Joe."  He is behaving like what we have come to expect from a professional sports megamaniacal superstar.  Whining about how Green Bay doesn't want him.  Brett, you retired, remember?  No one forced you out.  You have hero status in Green Bay.  You went out on your terms.  But now, you want to change the terms.  And you are sounding like a crybaby.

Fact of the matter is:  This is actually not the 1st time.  A couple of years ago at the end of the season, Brett gave a tearful farewell speech.  In that speech, he threw his receivers under the bus.   

I really feel sorry for Favre's replacement, Aaron Rogers.  Made to think that he would be the starter this year.  Now wondering where he stands in Green Bay.

Just wondering:  How would the public be reacting to this if it were T. O. instead of Brett Favre?

Brett, go back to Mississippi and enjoy your family.  Leave a good legacy.  The last month is already tarnishing it a bit.      



Anonymous said...

I'm not a baseball fan, so I've never heard Josh Hamilton's story.

I have followed Favre's story, and I am disappointed. A lot of great players have tried to hang on too long (Rice, E. Smith, M. Jordan) only to regret it. I wish Brett the best - and I hope that he concludes that "the best" would be to stay home.

Kyle R. said...

You seem to have written my exact thoughts of the past few days.

Jeff said...

I would like to hear Hamilton tell his story. It seems he has been way, way down and has made a great effort to find the way back up. I appreciate his willingness to share his faith and trust in God to help him.

I've seen him hitting a batting practice for the Rangers and it was quite the show then.