Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Camp Begins

I told you that my daughter-in-law, Kayci, would get my blog page back up.  Thank you, Kayci.

Why even play this year's NFL season?  It sounds like everybody is basically saying the Cowboys should win the Super Bowl.  Interesting, since they haven't even won a playoff game in 12 years and have a coach who has had equal success.  

I hope they do win it.  But the preseason predictions and the weekly power-rating stuff is really just fodder for radio sports talk shows.  They still have to go execute on the field.  And that is something I have not seen this Cowboy team do -- yet.  I know, I know.  Wade keeps bragging about how they went 13-3 last year.  SO WHAT?  What did that accomplish for them -- except to lower them in the draft?  It's all about winning playoff games.

Jerry Jones gives his annual "State of the Cowboys" address today.  Wow.  Let me guess what he will say.      



Jeff said...

Do you think Jerry will introduce Brett Favre as the new Cowboys quarterback today? Oh wait...Brett hasn't done any time in jail.

Kyle R. said...

Regular season counts for little--only an avenue to the playoffs--where real champions excel.

Anonymous said...

I think it's somewhat silly that many of the same fans who cannot seem to heap enough praise on Josh Hamilton, continue to attack Jerry for signing a "reclamation project" player each year. If you look at the history it has usually worked out quite well both for the team and individual.

Rick Ross said...
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