Friday, July 25, 2008

Gives a Whole New Meaning to "Courting"

I saw an interesting story this morning on GMA.  Seems a woman was jilted at the altar by her live-in boyfriend.  He fled to Europe and had his best man break the news to her.  Well, she decided to sue him for breach of contract.  After all, she had left her job (with benefits, medical, etc) and home in the mid-west and moved to live with him.  And now, she was left with nothing.

The jury agreed with her and awarded her around $150,000 in damages.  At 1st, I thought that seemed reasonable.  After all, he jilted her.  Then I got to thinking:  How wise was it for HER to leave her job and move in with him before they were married -- with no commitment yet made?  When is a contract made?  When they are married, right?  And how will this affect other engagements?  Will it mean that once a couple is engaged, if one gets cold feet he or she is subject to being sued?

It's sadly like someone said in the interview:  He would have been better off to marry her, and then divorce her after a couple of months.

What do you think?   


Kyle R. said...

Did they have a written agreement, aka a contract? a pre-nup?

I'm not a lawyer, but if they did not have any written agreement, I don't see how in the USA that could be called a breach of contract.

As I understand the laws of the USA,
Marriage=Contract=written=filed at the county courthouse=recognized by the laws.

Engagement=Oral agreement between two parties=no legal filings (unless a written pre-nup).

I guess there are some gray areas in AMerican law, with common law marriages, etc.

If no written contract was observed by this couple, what does that mean if a bank makes an oral promise to make a loan and then backs out? What does it mean when a salesman makes an oral promise and his fortune 500 company fails to deliver on their salesman's oral promise? Can I sue GM because their salesman verbally promised me leather interior and delivered cloth? Of course, I'm being sarastic, but that's my point.

How about we just heed the Father's and Son's teaching: marriage=contract. Contract between man and woman, contract between man and woman and God.

If this is used as legal precedence without written contract based on the laws of the USA, Edgar Allen Poe may have said it best; "My, what a tangled web we weave."

Rick Ross said...

If I heard the story right, there was no pre-nup.

I agree with your assessment. We humans really muddy the waters when we fail to live as our Maker intended.

Thank you to you and your wife for your commitment to and concern for others' commitment to marriage. We will see you at the marriage retreat tonight!

kaw said...

Personally, I think it is a snap shot of the sorry state of affairs we, as a nation, have come to find acceptable. I view this as an indicator of the ethics/moral standards a person would practice on the job. I would be reluctant hire someone who does not find this arrangment as morally corrupt.

Josh Ross said...

Very sad