Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Are You Going to San Francisco?

Tomorrow morning Beverly and I leave for San Francisco.  She will be attending the "Smart Marriages" conference, and I will take a sabbatical.  I plan to do a lot of reading and reflecting.

I have never been to San Fran, so I am excited.  I have heard it is a fascinating city.  We do plan to take a couple of days after the conference to sightsee.  We will take a tour of Alcatraz, see the Golden Gate Bridge, drive down Highway 1 to the Monterey Peninsula and go to a redwood forest.  I've been told we must go to Lumbar Street and Fisherman's Wharf -- to eat at Bubba Gump's.  Does anyone who has been to San Francisco have any other "musts" for us?

I don't know how regular my blogging will be over the next 8 days, but I will try to update.

On a light note, the other day Jacob (my ministry partner) and I were talking about our upcoming trip.  I started singing, "Are You Going to San Francisco?" and he looked at me like I had gone crazy (No, Jonathan.  It was not because I sang it so badly -- although I probably did).  Who would have thought that a guy in his late 20s would have never heard one of the flower child songs of the 60s?  (By the way, I hated that song).    


Anonymous said...

You could go to Nancy Pelosi's house and ..... I digress.

Have a great trip!

Jeff said...

I've never pictured you as a flower child but will see you in a different light in the future.

From what I've heard, I would camp at Fisherman's Wharf. It sounds like the food is wonderful.

Jonathan said...

I don't really know what a flower child is, but I can definitely see you being one. HA!

Josh Ross said...

Read the title of this blog and I thought, "Umm...this must be a song from the 60's." Little did I know that I was right.
There were some songs in the 60's that people have brought into the 21st century. There were others that were meant to be left there. This one probably was meant to be left behind.

kaw said...

Wish I were going with you (not to be the "crowd"). Life hasn't been as much fun lately and I could use a break like 'Frisco ( I can even hum along if it would help).