Friday, July 18, 2008

Free-for-all Friday

Boy, the British Open is looking pretty nasty.  Phil Mickelson, V. J. Singh and Ernie Els pretty much shot their way out of it in the 1st round.  As I am writing my blog this morning, Greg Norman is leading and Tom Watson is not far behind.  GO 50+!
Oil has dropped about $12 over the last three days.  At the pump?  No change.  I understand that -- if it also worked the other way.  When it goes UP, by late afternoon of the same day the pump prices go up.  Oh, well.  I'm beating my head against a dead horse (that's a mixed metaphor that Jody Adams said he heard a speaker use one time).
So Nancy Pelosi has come out charging that President Bush has been a "total failure" as president.  I admit that I have been disappointed in what he has failed to accomplish.  But I believe if I was the leader of Congress that now sits at an historic low approval rating of 14% (that's right -- 14%), I would keep my mouth shut.  It appears she has no room to talk. 
Have a great weekend!     


Jeff said...

Politicians are a funny lot. They throw stones at their glass houses quite often but they never seem to have problems replacing the glass...out of our pocketbook I suppose. I really don't remember my history lessons very well but I seem to recall that a President can't make all the decisions of the country himself and that Congress has to OK most of the rules that get passed and she's a member of that very body. I'll try to stay away from using my head on a dead horse but one quick analogy that pops in my head is that the President is the QB and gets a lot of praise or a lot of blame for a team's fortune but there are 10 other players on the field and that have to do their jobs for the QB to look good (or when they don't do their jobs, the QB looks bad). I'd say Nancy isn't pulling her weight.

Anonymous said...

How long has it been since you've heard the words, "David Duval is one shot back"? I don't think it will last.

Ms. Pelosi would be well advised to keep her criticisms of others to herself. This lameduck congress is about as pitiful as it gets.

Josh Ross said...

How many people are not watching the British because we don't watch golf, we watch Tiger. No watch.