Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot, hot hot

Today is going to be a scorcher.  I really do wonder how people survived in Texas summers prior to air conditioning.  Actually, I do adapt well to hot days.  I play golf and do yard work in the middle of the summer afternoons.  But when I get really uncomfortable is if it's hot when I am trying to sleep.  I cannot sleep hot.

Vancouver, BC:  high today is 68.  Juneau, Alaska:  high today is 58.  Lord willing, that's where we will be in a week. 

We are having a new roof put on in the next few days thanks to the hail storm back in early April.  The roofer called me this morning and said they are running behind because due to the heat they can only work a few hours a day.  I can only imagine what it feels like on a roof when it's 103.

Be cool.


Anonymous said...

Your blog brings to mind our trip to Canada in 1972. I was very young, but there were a lot of fun memories. Yellowstone, you chasing that seal on a raft, the berries on the trail to the beach.

Have fun!

Jonathan said...

the roofer used the old excuse "it's too hot" and you bought it...wow.

Beverly Ross said...

I can't wait!!!!