Monday, July 21, 2008

The ESPY's. the Old Man and the Old Country

I have never watched the ESPY's before, but last night I turned it on while I read the paper.  I have to admit:  I like Justin Timberlake.  He was hilarious.  So was Will Ferrell.  It was by far the best awards show I have seen. 
When I was a kid, I watched the Oscars and the Emmys.  They don't even get a look from me anymore.  They are full of Hollywood types who think that because they can act that it makes them experts in politics, world issues and the environment ("You little people must cut back on your usage so that we can continue to keep up our mansions.")
But the ESPY's were funny, light-hearted and inspiring.  The recipients of the awards were not irreverent.  They were gracious, and often gave glory to God for where they are.  I found it quite refreshing.      
Greg Norman couldn't finish the job Sunday -- starting with three straight bogies.  But for a 53 year old to finish 3rd at the British Open -- under the most grueling of conditions -- was pretty impressive.
Beverly and I are going to Israel, Lord willing, on November 3-13.  There are still about 10 places open on the trip, and the airline will only hold the seats until the middle of August.  If any of you readers would be interested in joining us on a trip of a lifetime, let me know and I will get you the information.  But you need to let me know before the end of the week.  Because one week from today, we are headed to ALASKA!!!!!  I cannot wait!    


Jeff said...

I only caught the end of the ESPY's last night. Timberlake didn't do much for me but I laughed at Tiger's/Ferrell's acceptance speech. I thought it was great that the softball players got an award for what they did when the girl blew out her knee.

Jonathan said...

great show...are you offering to pay for the trip? that's how i read that.