Friday, November 30, 2007

Cowboys #1?

I have no plans to turn this blog into a totally sports-oriented one. However, the BIG GAME was played last night. And while the Cowboys won, there are some observations I have. I don't claim to be an authority on football in any way, but I have been watching it for a long time. So, you are welcome to openly agree or disagree with my assessment. I might even be open to correction.

First, about half way through the 2nd quarter, I was thinking, "This team is ready to play New England! Bring 'em on!" However, by the end of the game I was feeling lucky to have a win.

Second, the announcers (in particular Chris Collingsworth) and a columnist I usually like (Randy Galloway) were continually crying about the bad calls against Green Bay. The 1st call when T. O. caught a ball and the defender wrestled it away but the play was called dead -- it was a close call, but it seemed to be the right call. And a right call means stop crying.

The last call -- the pass interference call in the 4th quarter: What am I missing here? Collingsworth kept whining about the DB was playing the ball, and said he was even looking back for it. In my view, the DB looked back once around the 20 -- and never looked back for the ball again. He grabbed the receiver's shoulder at one point to slow him down. And how can a DB get so tangled up with a receiver in the open field on accident? I know it happens, but what a convenient time for it to. I know this is the rule, but it sometimes doesn't make sense to me. It certainly doesn't apply to a defensive lineman hitting the quarterback. He can't "accidently" plow into him after he has released the ball. How can you determine if the DB "accidently" got his legs tangled up with the receiver? But I digress. To me, the call was a good one. You can't grab a receiver by the shoulder to impede his speed. The guy was beat and he knew it. So quite crying, Chris. You would think an ex-receiver would have appreciated that call.

With all that said, the Cowboys are now 11-1. Best in the NFC? If so, not convincingly. Can they beat the Patriots if they get to the Super Bowl. Maybe, but they will have to play flawlessly.

So that's my opinion. How about you sports nuts out there?


Josh Ross said...

I see it a little differently. I agree about your assessment of the two calls. The first one should have been given over to GB, but that play can't be reviewed. Harris made a great play.

As for the Cowboys, they put up 27 points on their first 5 possessions. Should have finished with 44 points, if TO didn't drop the td pass that ended up as an INT. 45 points vs a 10-1 team looks pretty good.

Football is a game of spurts. The 3rd quarter only had 3-4 possessions. There were some long drives, so there weren't many opportunities to score.

As for the Cowboys defense--they prepared all week for Farve, one of the greatest qb's ever. They forced him to play when of his worse games of the year. Rodger's came in, and all the sudden, the gameplan changed. They had to make adjustments, and thank goodness they had a cushion to do that.

All in all, definitely the best team in the NFC. They're putting together one of the best seasons ever.

As for hanging with the Pats--we'll see.

jross said...

Close call on the 1st review - clearly pass interference late in the game. Best in the NFC - not ready for NE.

By the way, Gumble is HORRIBLE!!!

Jeff said...

I don't care for Gumble or Collingsworth as announcers and the obsession with the interference call showed some ineptitude on their part to really break down what was happening in the game.

I don't think the Cowboys are ready for the Patriots because they didn't dominate the whole game like I think they will need to going up against New England. That aside, they are certainly fun to watch and I'd be happy to watch them play NE and see how it comes out.