Monday, December 03, 2007

A Case of the Blahs

I love my job -- if it is fair to even call it that. I love my calling. I love preaching. I love visiting people in the hospital. I love giving hope to people who find themselves in difficult seasons of life. I consider myself so blessed!

I've been living out this calling now for a long time. I've experienced peaks and valleys. And maybe it's selective memory, but I can't remember not wanting to go in to the office. But today I'm having to drag myself in. Why? I don't know! I love the people I work with. I love the church I serve. There is no good reason. It's not because I'm dreaming of being on the golf course. I have plans to go one afternoon later in the week.

Maybe it's because my brain is tired. Maybe it's the lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe it's because the BCS stunk it up again. I don't know.

I'm betting that once I get into the day, I'll feel differently. My prayer this morning was that God would use me -- even in my blah.

Do you ever feel like I do this morning?


Kyle R. said...

Yep, I sure do. Tuesdays seem to be the worst for me.

The wonderful thing I've noticed, however, is that times I feel the most blah, I ususally get the biggest since of accomplishment and blessing out of those days.

Josh Ross said...

YES!!! That is why I take Monday's off. I need about 24-36 hours to recooperate.
Did the BCS mess up more, or did teams blow their chances more? It was like nobody wanted to play in the National Championship.
Notre Dame (at 3-9) has a longer winning streak than both teams in the National Championship. :)

Jeff said...

Mornings are never a great time for me. Whether it's going to work or getting up to go fishing or hunting, I prefer it when I can roll out of bed around 8:30 or 9:00. It also seems like I deal with more problems in my job than ever before and I don't always feel a sense of accomplishment in helping people. It may be that I'm seeing the glass half empty.

randy said...

I felt like that this past Monday. Hardly worth going in. Talked to my boss and he felt the same way. Personally, I think the answer is to outlaw Mondays.