Monday, November 19, 2007

Catching Up

We had a great time in H-Town hanging out with our grandkids. Malaya is about the easiest kid I have ever been around. She is such a good sport, and a great oldest cousin. Jed and Truitt are at such cute stages. I could just sit and watch them all day. I'm glad we got to see them -- and their parents.

Sport's Alert: The Cowboys were lucky to get away with a win yesterday. How does a center get more than half way into the season and suddenly can't snap the ball?

OK, it's time for true confessions. I know I will take a beating for this, but so what. I am now a T. O. fan. Yes, I have converted. But I am a fan of the new T. O. If he reverts to the old T. O., I will backslide to no longer being a fan of his. The guy is performing at an incredible level -- and he is being a good teammate. Let's hope it lasts, because he already has Hall of Fame numbers. But if he divides another team, he may have a hard time getting in.

I also have a new team that I HATE! In baseball it's the Yankees -- even though I grew up loving them. That was pre-Steinbrenner. In basketball, it's the Spurs -- another team I used to love. But that was pre-this current team. (By the way, the Mavs win over them the other night was really sweet).

And football? (drumroll, please) The Patriots! What a bunch of cocky guys! Beating the Bills in Buffalo last night by 40 points, and taunting the crowd. Going for it on 4th and 1 twice when you are up by 35-40 points, and then scoring touchdowns both times. I am a huge believer in you reap what you sow, and what goes around comes around. I cannot wait until the Patriots hit the skids. Every NFL team needs to show no mercy and pile on the points. (I know this does not sound Christ-like, but we are talking sports here. OK?) They are disgusting. It would be such an act of poetic justice if they get beat in the playoffs, or if Dallas or Green Bay can beat them in the Super Bowl.


Jeff said...

I'm not seeing anyone beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl right now but we can hope.

Now that I know what day Thanksgiving is on, I am looking forward to sitting around Thursday eating and watching the Cowboys play.

jross said...

I understand your disdain for the Patriots (thought the Eagles are still at the top of my blah list). I understand the Yankees - because I've never liked them.

But I don't understand the Spurs. Love Parker, Duncan, and Ginobli. They, and the Magic, are my NBA teams.

About T.O. - you now have an excellent illustration for repentance.

Rick Ross said...

Duncan -- I would like if he wasn't such a crybaby. He has taken it to a new level.

Ginobli gets away with more hacking than anyone in the league.

Nothing really against Parker. But you failed to mention the thug -- Bowen (I may not have spelled his name right).

jross said...

Agreed - Duncan is a poor actor, but a great athlete.

My hacking award would go to Shaq.

Please furnish me the name of an NBA team without a thug.

Josh Ross said...

Rick's post on March 22, 2006 is below. This post came after T.O. was signed. I can't take your post today seriously.

March 22, 2006
Just dig a hole and roll me in and cover me up. Life as I have known it is now over. T. O. has been signed by Jerry Jones. I think all the rain over the weekend must have been Tom Landry, Tex Shramm and Clint Murchison crying. Also, God may have been included -- since the Cowboys were once His team. (Someone once said that Texas Stadium had a hole in the roof so that God could watch).

I told my boys that I would not be watching the Cowboys this year. They think I'm joking. After all, I have been watching them for 40 years -- through good times and bad. I loved Tom Landry. And even though I disagreed with Jerry's handling of the situation with Tom, I agreed that it was time for a change. Beverly used to be as big a Cowboy fan as I was, but she has never gotten over that. She and I used to make a date to watch the games, but I don't remember the last time she watched the Boys.

Well, now I will join her. I'm not saying that I won't sneak a peak on Monday night, etc. But I will not be following or rooting for the Cowboys this year. I feel that strongly about the signing of T. O. Jerry has resorted to scraping the bottom of the barrel to bring him in. I don't care if he scores 30 touchdowns, has 2,500 yards receiving and takes the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. He represents everything that stinks about professional athletics. He thinks team is spelled, "I-ME-MINE."

Rick Ross said...


As much as you believe in redemption and you pass over this beautiful example. Both on my part in admitting I might have made a mistake and on my forgiving T. O. (although he is still on parole). As you say, "That could preach.":)