Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Ocean's" of Turkeys

Beverly and I watched "Ocean's 13" last night. I spend the 1st half of those movies going, "What?" Things happen so fast, I just can't follow them. In the last half, most of it comes together. I really enjoy movies like that one. I can't wait for the latest "Bourne" movie to show up at Blockbuster.

When the movie was over last night, I told Beverly, "Isn't that incredible? We sit and cheer for a bunch of crooks!" The "Ocean's" movies are definitely about getting a pound of flesh. However, they are not violent. The "pound of flesh" is always about money. I think it is OK when you cheat a bad guy out of money:)

Today is turkey giveaway at WARM. Last year, we gave away nearly 400 -- and plan to do it again today.


Jeff said...

It's wonderful that WARM can help so many people.

Theives cheating the bad guys? I'll have to process that one for a bit.

Rick Ross said...

It's one of the great ironies.