Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Boys Don't Cry

I'm a little late this morning with my blog. We got in from Florida last night after spending a wonderful weekend with my brother and his wife and family. I had so much fun reconnecting with some really special kinfolks. They were so hospitable, and we laughed and talked and cried and played. It was nice.

The church in Bradenton was so gracious. They seemed very appreciative of what we shared. I am really proud of my brother and his wife and the work they are doing there. The church seems to adore them.

So thanks to my bro-buddy for inviting us.

On Good Morning America this morning, they listed the top movies that make men cry. Number one was "Rudy," number 2 was "Field of Dreams" and number 3 was "Rocky IV."

I know I wil disappoint you guys, but my biggest cry movie is "Sabrina."

What's yours?


Jeff said...

Do you think many people will admit to this?

I'm sure there have been some movies that made me "tear up" but the only one I can think of right now is The Bridge to Terabitha. I saw it with the kids.

Extreme Makeover:Home Improvement can get to me also.

I'm just an emotional sort of guy.

Anonymous said...

I guess I shouldn't tell on Terry, but his movie that makes him cry is "Brian's Song". Been married almost 19 years and I knew this early on. Hasn't happened much sense.


jenny biz said...

A Walk in the Clouds, The Notebook, and the old classic, Old Yellar. I am with Jeff too. I cry every week on Extreme Home Makeover!

jross said...

We're SO glad you were here.

Cry movies/shows: The Green Mile, The Passion of the Christ, Remember the Titans (and many, many more).

Eric said, "We Are Marshall"