Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'll Fly Away?

I read the other day that Kenneth Copeland ministries has 6 airplanes. 6 airplanes! And at least two of them are not even functional for "ministry" purposes. One is an old two-seater byplane and another is an old WW2 fighter. Am I missing something here? What could these possibly have to do with ministering in the name of Jesus?

I know it's not fair to always equate the cost of things to "how many poor people would that feed?" But sometimes, I think it is an appropriate question to ask. Especially when money that has been given by people to "the Lord's work" is spent on things not in any way related to ministry.

Cowboys in the Super Bowl? Jim Reeves in the Star-Telegram wrote an article today entitled, "February in Arizona, Where the Cowboys Appear Headed." They are looking good, and T. O. is even pulling his weight. But Green Bay is looking pretty good, too. And there is a lot of season left. What if Romo gets hurt? Or Ware?

I think this might be a case of "counting your chickens before they hatch."


jross said...

I love the Cowboys. But I don't want them going to the Super Bowl ... not this year. The Patriots are just too good. When the boys go, I want them to have a chance to win.

Jeff said...

At this point, I think the Cowboys look like a team headed to the SB but who knows what the next few weeks will bring.

Copeland's deal seems a bit fishy to me. Why a ministry would need its own jet when there are plenty of airlines that haul missionaries going all over the world doesn't make sense in my mind but they didn't ask me. I agree with your point though. How many dollars do we spend on buildings and things that could go to help the people who need it the most?