Thursday, November 29, 2007

They Don't Get Much Bigger

Tonight is the big game. Pretty unusual in the 12th week of the season to have two teams who are 10-1 playing each other.

Randy Galloway has an article in the Star-Telegram this morning that caught my attention. He said that if the Cowboys need any inspiration for tonight's game, Wade Phillips ought to bring Jethro Pugh in for a pregame peptalk. For those of you who may not remember, Jethro Pugh was a great defensive tackle who played for the Cowboys in the 60s and 70s.

Galloway was thinking about the importance of home field in the playoffs. In 1967, the Cowboys had to play the NFL (before the division into NFC and AFC, it was the NFL and the AFL) championship game in Green Bay because the Packers held home field advantage. The Cowboys probably had the better team by most counts, but that day the temperature was -15, with a -30 chill factor.

Galloway had suggested having Pugh come in and hold up his hands -- which still bear the marks of frostbite from that game. That would be enough of a visual to make me want to play a little harder for home field advantage.


jross said...

It should be the most exciting game of the season. Dianne is an avid Favre fan (I like him too - but not against the 'boys!).

If (when) they get past tonight, it is quite possible that the boys could win out. Now, if someone will knock those Patriots down, other teams may begin to receive some coverage.


Jeff said...

It's a great game so far (5 minutes left in the 2nd). Maybe the threat of frost bite worked.