Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's Holiday Season

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. I have noticed all the stores are setting up their Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away!

I saw a piece in the paper this morning that said many malls are setting aside special nights to bring your pet to see Santa. Really, I'm not kidding. All I know is that is another job now struck off my list -- being a Santa. Can you imagine having to hold just anyone's dog or cat for a picture with Santa? It might be a big ole slobbering bull dog or a cat that decides it doesn't like the way you look -- so it scratches your face. Or a dog that gets excited and wets all over you. No thanks.

Tomorrow Beverly and I will leave for Florida and be gone until Monday night. I am really excited about getting to spend some time with my "baby brother" and his family. I am so proud of them. Pray that the Lord will use us, and that what we share will bless those who are there.

Since I won't be blogging for a few days, I want to mention this: Sunday is Veteran's Day. When you go to church, take a moment to go up to those who have served our country and thank them. I stand in awe of the sacrifices made in particular by those who served in World War II. We owe them and their spouses so much.


jross said...

I can't wait. Not only is the Adult Rally going to be wonderful, but I haven't seen you in almost 2 years!

Kyle R. said...

If I were Santa, it wouldn't be the slobberin' dog or mangy cat I would be worried about, but the pet pythons or I bet somebody in our area has pet rattlesnakes or alligators that they just love so much that they should be pictured with ole St. Nick.

And yes! Thanks to our veterans. I've been leisurely reading Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation," and one theme that struck me is how many of those guys were teenagers. Let's see, when I was seventeen, I was more concerned about who was lining up on the other side of the ball on Friday night. These teenagers were jumping out of airplanes and getting shot at.

Thanks to our veterans then and now!

Have a blessed trip to Florida.

Jeff said...

I know your trip to Florida will be a blessing to you and those at the rally. We will miss having you with us on Sunday.

Our veterans are special people. I remember looking through pictures of one of my uncles who served in WW2 and heard some of the good stories. I have often wondered about the stories he never told.

jenny biz said...

Malaya is very passionate this year that our country is skipping a very important holiday - THANKSGIVING! It has brought out a little anger in her to see Christmas stuff out already! I think I am with her!

Josh Ross said...

Hope everything in Florida goes well.

randy said...

Have fun in Florida.