Thursday, November 01, 2007


This Sunday I will be wrapping up a series on the "one another" passages. The final one is "pray for one another."

I am so humbled when I preach on prayer. I feel somewhat hypocritical, since I have a long way to go on the spiritual disciplines. I want a deeper, more intimate prayer life. But apparently not enough to make the sacrifices necessary to have one. I love moments when I sit in silence before God -- but I don't do it much. I have prayer time every day several times. But there is a depth that is, more often than not, missing. I'm tired of the shallow and the routine.

Hmm. Sounds like a good New Year's resolution. At this point, I could even get a two-month running start.

By the way, I can't stand when people say, "Prayer works." Prayer doesn't work. God works.

Am I being nitpicky? Don't tell me if I am. Just talk behind my back about it:)


Jeff said...

Prayer fascinates me. An opportunity to speak to God, the Creator. He hears us. Yet, I am one who far too often takes advantage of this special gift except in times of turmoil where I can plead mightily.

I hope I will seek special time with God, talking to Him, praising Him and thanking Him as well as sharing my hurts, my questions and my burdens.

I hope I will quit taking prayer time for granted but remain ever-thankful that God listens to me when I do approach Him. Hallelujah.

randy said...

Sometimes I think God sends difficulty in my life so that I'll talk to him. At least the thought is a motivation to spend time in communication with the Almighty when times are good.

Beverly Ross said...

I am excited about hearing your lesson on Sunday! Lately, the Lord has been drawing me in to spend more time with Him.