Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Home Improvement

I was enjoying the Tiger-Phil showdown yesterday. And then a storm came. My satellite scrambled. So I had to check ESPN later to see how it ended. Oh, well. Congrats to Phil. He seems like a good guy.

We have had a spot appear on our kitchen ceiling. It gets worse whenever we have company stay upstairs. So, I had a plumber come out, and he cut a hole in the sheetrock in our attic and began his search. He couldn't find it. I told him it seemed to only happen when company had taken a bath. We found some missing grout in a corner, and he got to where he could see inside the wall. I splashed water over into that corner -- and sure enough, that was the culprit. So I regrouted the bad spots yesterday afternoon.

Now comes the hard part: Patching the sheetrock and matching it to the rest of the kitchen ceiling. I have done some sheetrock work in the past, but I don't trust my ability to be able to blend the textures. So, I guess I will have someone come out to do that.

I'm sure there is a great spiritual application waiting. You know, how just a little bitty leak can ruin a ceiling.

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Jeff said...

Maybe it's that we need to pay attention to the cracks and work to correct them before a flood comes.