Thursday, September 13, 2007


Walmart. It's a store I have a love-hate relationship wtih. I love it for its convenience. I hate it because it's so busy. (That seems somewhat paradoxical, doesn't it?) I love it for the way everything you need is under one roof. I hate it for the way it has run out so many specialized businesses (another paradox).

This morning on Good Morning America, they were talking about the many things WalMart knows about America. Do you know what their #1 selling item is? Bananas. The average woman shopper wears a size 14 and her shoe size is 8-1/2.

I found this one interesting: The state that buys the most tea? Pennsylvania. Five times more than any other state! I thought for sure it would be a southern state.

So, how do you feel about WalMart?


Jeff said...

I would start to say I hate it but I shop there way too often to mean it. It is convenient but it's also a sign of our times - lots of stuff and lack of service. I love shopping at Central Market because I can always find someone who will answer or find an answer to a question. That's not WalMart's way of operating. Unfortunately, we don't have many options here so it is what it is and I keep going back. But I rather have a good alternative. I used to go to IGA just so I could say I wasn't shopping at WalMart but it's just as hard to find someone who will answer a question and there are fewer choices. So WalMart it is.

Anonymous said...

I was eating lunch with a minister a few months ago and he said, "What is the one place that can bring together people old and young, white and black, rich and poor, etc.?" WAL-MART!!! So, how can we as churches learn to take lessons from Wal-Mart?"

That is true. Wal-Mart is busy, but what if we started putting ourselves in busy places for the sake of the kingdom. (Thursday's and Friday's are my sermon writing days, so sorry if I sound preachy.)
In his book, The Pilgrim Heart, Daryl Tippens suggests that Christians need to start choosing the longest lines at grocery stores. Glance around at the people in line and pray for them. Dialogue with them. Enjoy God's creation!

I love Wal-Mart!

Biggidy Bishop Boss Ross
aka--Josh Ross

Amy C said...

Interesting he put WalMart and church in the same comment. Now that I think about it. Embarrassing to say, I feel very similar about them.

It is too great a deal not to go back, very hard work when I go there (I have to keep from yelling at my kids and loosing them at both), but I just cannot stay away.

I do need to talk to more people standing in line and give directions and further more I need to ask more people if they need a ride when I am on the way.

Deep thoughts Mr. Ross's

They are both really great places if you are there for the right reasons and need what is actually on for sale.

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

I hate it, but I would miss it if it weren't here. I would probablly start going through withdrawl!! Where would I spend all my money? Where would we get birthday cakes and birthday presents, where would we get to see all of our friends?!?! I hate it/love it too...maybe they should build another one in town so that we can split the amount of shoppers which would eliminate a lot of my frustrations...more parking, less people checking out, etc. Or maybe Bridgeport should have their own Wal Mart! That would cut down on our store!

Beverly Ross said...

Not too long ago when Malaya was over, we went to Wal-Mart after church. She said, "Grammy, I just love Decatur. You go to church to make new friends and then to Wal=Mart to visit with them." Now that is TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Walmart! I used to shop there all the time. The one we live closest to is a little bit shady so I don't go here in Houston that often, but I used to in Abilene. I think maybe the best invention other than the wheel is SUPER Walmart. I love the one-stop shop idea. I'm lovin' their new advertising as well. I saw the new commercial and cried. Yep, I cried. I saw the cute little family on the road trip and pictured myself there and cried. I guess that's what the marketing group wanted. Thank you Walmart for making the life of a mother so much easier. - kayci
question: does anyone know the name of the band who plays the song on that commercial?