Thursday, September 20, 2007

O. J. and The Tank

I've been out of town for a day and a half, so these are old news. But I can't let them go:

1. Tank Johnson? Is Jerry Jones trying to remake the Cowboys into the image of the Oakland Raiders. I know Al Davis is one of Jones' heroes. Maybe he ought to consider Davis' record since he became known for signing league trouble-makers.

As a lifelong Cowboy fan, I am just embarrassed. I know what you are thinking -- that there have always been "characters" on the Cowboys. Maybe it's different because they BECAME characters here. Many of them were cut or shipped off to take their trouble elsewhere. Mr. Tank and T. O. are guys who were proven team-wreckers in other places. And Jerry went out shopping for them. I'm wondering if he isn't working behind the scenes right now to see if he can sign Michael Vick.

2. Then there is an ex-NFL star who, if he wasn't so old, would be at the top of Jones' list. After all, running back is still a pretty big question mark for the team. I'm talking about O. J. He would fit right in with Tank, wouldn't he?

When is America going to say enough is enough with this guy? He thinks that because he could carry a leather ball that he is above the law.

I heard where he lawyer said (while he was still in jail) if he was anyone other than O. J., he would be out on the street. I would counter that if he was anyone other than O. J., he would have been found guilty of a double murder over a decade ago and would still be in the pen.

I'll try to rediscover me compassionate side by tomorrow. These sports premadonnas, as my oldest son says, "Just chip my hide."


Kyle R. said...

I don't know that much about the Tank thing, so I won't comment on that.

But this O.J. thing: He (O.J.) must be one of the stupidest guys in the world. Maybe stupid isn't the word. Maybe he's so entrapped by the forces of evil that he doesn't even think clearly.

It used to be known that O.J.'s first name is spelled O-R-E-N-T-H-A-L, that is "Orenthal", as in "Orenthal James." Now I don't think that there is any doubt his name is spelled L-O-S-E-R, that is "Loser," "Loser" in life.

It's bad enough that he got away with murder, literally. Thankfully his most recent known criminal act did not cause anyone their life-- maybe except O.J.'s, which apprears to be deserved on his part. Maybe the "J" in O.J. no longer stands for "James." Maybe it will stand for "Justice."

Kyle R. said...

Correction: I meant to write "cost anyone their life." Not "cause."

jross said...

I don't have an opinion on Tank yet. I hope he takes advantage of his second chance. T.O. has not been too difficult. I actually thought his weekend stunt was pretty funny (camera in the endzone).

O.J. just disgusts me.