Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Abilene, Abilene -- Prettiest Town I've Ever Seen

Today Beverly and I will travel to Abilene. Last year ACU moved their lectureship from February to September. Wise move! It seems like there was always an ice storm or snow during lectureship week. That will be doubtful in September. So we are going out for today and tomorrow -- and be back tomorrow night in time to teach classes.

We are going to hear Josh (our oldest son) speak tomorrow morning. While we are there, we will take in a few other lectures as well.

I used to go to ACU's lectureship years ago. I stopped because it seemed that our universities' lectureships got stale (other than Pepperdine, which I have never been able to go to, but they always seem to have a great program.) But under the leadership of Mark Love, they have had a really good program the last couple of years. I am going to make this a regular on my calendar again next year.

I love Abilene (and ACU). It's where I got my education. It's where I met my wife. And even though I grew up in church, I feel that it is where I came to know Jesus. It's where Beverly and I began our marriage. And it's where two of our wonderful kids were born. I have so many fond memories, and so many people who are dear to me.

So, I look forward to our 24 hours there.

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Jeff said...

I have fond memories of Abilene too. It's where I became a Subber. That's probably enough said.