Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gearing Up for Fall

Can you feel it? I asked CAN YOU FEEL IT?

Fall is near. Next week, we are going to have lows perhaps in the upper 50s. Yeah, buddy!

You know by now that Fall is my favorite season. Fall is also when the Ross household gets REALLY busy. This is the beginning of womens' retreat season. So, Beverly will be gone for several weekends over the coming months.

I have mixed feelings about that. Obviously I miss her and just hanging out and doing things with her. But she is SO gifted at what she does. And she brings women closer to the heartbeat of God. For that, I am so proud.

So my advice is: Go get 'em, girl.


Jeff said...

I'm ready for college football and cooler weather...probably cooler weather more than football.

John, I still have faith the #20 will make a move for the championship. He better get it now before he moves to the Toyota next year.

Beverly Ross said...

Rick, I love you and I appreciate your support! I want this to be the best fall ever!!! Let's come up with new ways to stay connected during my busy season! I love being with you and hanging out!