Friday, September 07, 2007

Ready for the Weekend

It's Friday. I have been looking forward to the weekend. And it's all around eating (isn't that weird?)

Tonight some friends are taking us to Del Frisco's. Dude! That place is good. We've only been there once -- when Beverly was given a gift certificate for speaking at a church. I can't wait!

Then tomorrow, we will go to Sam's for our quarterly "stock up on the necessities" trip. While in Southlake, we will go to Anamea's Mexican Restaurant -- on another gift certificate given to us by some other friends (Life is tough).

So I look forward to the good food. But I am also reminded today what special friends we have.

I might even try to catch some college football tomorrow. However, the chase for the Fedex Cup has gotten my interest, too.

Then on Sunday, Jacob and I will issue a challenge to our church. Our theme: "Give 60!" I am excited about the possibilities and look forward to the way the Lord might stimulate us to serve our community.


jross said...

First: Dude????
Second: Isn't that NEXTEL cup?
Third: I am interested in knowing more about your "give 60" challenge.
Fourth: Friends are truly God's gift!
Fifth: Have a GREAT weekend.

Anonymous said...

How's that blood pressure?