Monday, September 17, 2007

Sports Monday

Yesterday Tiger Woods won the Tournament Players' Championship and the 1st FedEx Cup. Is anyone surprised? He won by 8 strokes, and looked like it was nothing more than a Sunday afternoon stroll through the park.

Being a golf fan, I told Beverly Saturday that I am glad to be living in the time I am. I was a kid when Jack Nicklaus dominated golf -- often by beating my childhood hero, Arnold Palmer. Up to this point, I would say Nicklaus was the greatest the game has ever seen. But no one has dominated the game like Tiger Woods. I am getting to watch history in the making. Right now, the man has no weakness in his game. Barring injury, he will shatter ALL records.

The Cowboys played yesterday and won. I didn't watch it, either. I was so caught up in the golf I pretty much forgot. This would shock anyone who knew me 30 years ago. I could tell you about every play in every game.

I followed with some interest the game between Southlake Carroll and the team from Florida. Carroll was ranked #1 prep school team in the nation, and the Florida school was ranked #2. Carroll lost.

I feel a little bit guilty, because I was pulling for the Florida team. Carroll has won for so long. Like Highland Park, there is something about money being able to buy success that doesn't sit well with me. My guilt springs from finding out that the new coach at Carroll is a member of the Keller Church of Christ.


Jeff said...

What about guilt for pulling for a team outside of Texas. At least Southlake is paying Texas families!

I am wondering if they're run is coming to an end with the end of the Dodge regime and the chemistry he brought.

Rick Ross said...

Correction: Carroll's coach is a member of the Grapevine Church of Christ.